Debate and Diplomacy

From most people's perspective, the legacy of Jackie Robinson is a successful one.  What most people don't know is the hardships and trials Jackie had to surpass through his career.  Jackie had to deal with racism and discrimination his whole life, but he had never experienced it as bad as he did while serving in the military.  One night while riding the bus, Jackie was instructed by the bus driver to move to the back of the bus.  Jackie refused so the bus driver called the military police who arrested Jackie on the scene.  After many court proceedings Jackie was transferred to a different unit and soon after granted an honorable discharge.  His experience with discrimination did not end there.  During his major league career Jackie was the victim of countless threats on his life via letters.  But the attacks on Jackie did not end there.  Once he was on the field many players tried to intentionally injure Jackie to prevent him from playing.  They would slide into him with their metal spikes facing upward, hoping to impale them into Jackie's leg.  Many people thought the pain Jackie went through throughout his life wasn't worth it, but he would definitely be the first to disagree.